Thursday, August 31, 2006

Update on the General's portrait

I've been working hard yet not showing people the results of what I'm doing. Great marketing strategy, eh? Anyway, I finally took pictures (mediocre pictures) of my current portrait. For now, I'm just going to show the face rather then the entire portrait because there probably won't be too much more work to go before I'm done with it. The photos will be a lot better, too.

I have more to post, just not much time, space, or energy to actually do so. There is more to come, though!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

More on materials: Graphite Pencils

Here comes another post that will likely only interest some artists...

For a long time, I would use mostly wooden pencils. They were cheaper and more available in various hardnesses. I still like wooden pencils, but mostly just when I need the feel and action of a wooden pencil. The problems with them seem to keep them from being practical. They break pretty easily, for one. Mostly, it's the lead. If you break the tip and need to sharpen it again, you'd better have an electric sharpener nearby. If you're on the go, breaking a tip can be frustrating. Trying to use a typical hand sharpener is messy and annoying. Then, keeping it sharp can be messy, which isn't very acceptable in some situations.

Now a days, I use good ol' mechanical pencils. They're more durable and can take more abuse. My pencils usually go with me wherever I go, stored away in my backpack. Many a wooden pencil has met their doom in my backpacks. They also stay sharp! If you break the lead, you just click the button a couple of times and you're ready to go. They're also much cleaner then wooden pencils. They cost a bit more then wooden pencils, but in the long run, they end up being much cheaper.

I usually have a range of mechanical pencils on hand. Below is what my normal graphite kit will consist of:

Lead Sizes: .3mm, .5mm, .9mm
Lead Hardnesses: 2H, H, F, HB, B, 2B, 4B (in some widths)

.3mm mechanical pencils are the hardest to find in most stores. If they do have them, they're usually kind of expensive. I ordered them in bulk off the internet and it saved me a lot of money. .5mm and .9mm are generally easy to find at nearly any office supply store.

Soon, I want to post photos and an explanation of my mobile drawing kit. I finally have one that works well for me (after much trial and error). Hopefully, it'll help somebody avoid the mistakes I've made.